The Process

There is a transformational journey available to us all. This journey integrates the physical and spiritual together, in conscious connection with Earth, for transformation of thought, emotion, belief and consciousness.

Physical – We exist in a physical reality and experience it through the physical body. Our body is highly connected with the physical environment. This interaction drives its development and evolution including emotional, intellectual and belief systems that determine our view of reality.



Spiritual – We are spiritual beings embodied within a human condition. As spiritual beings we experience the sensory world through the physical body, and can connect with the consciousness of the physical and non physical directly.



Earth – The Earth is a dynamical system in relationship with the solar system and the universe. All life, including our body and nature, has emerged from the earth in its interactivity, and are supported by it. The entire history of the Earth is encoded within it as a living system.



Integration – When we bring the physical and spiritual together in conscious connection with Earth, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Great learning, information, wisdom and consciousness become available.



Transformation – Connecting the physical, spiritual and Earth consciousness allows for a very powerful transformational system. This supports transformation of thought, emotions, belief and consciousness. An ongoing evolution of consciousness is occurring alongside emotion and intellectual evolution. With this comes new ways of thinking and evolution of relationship, community, organisation and governance.


One journey, many pathways

We live in a world where all that we see around us emerges from powerful creative processes. Consciousness, energy and information flow freely within these creative processes and form patterns and systems according to natural laws. Ancient and indigenous wisdom traditions are aware of this and the new sciences are revealing more and more.

the prior learning of participants is valued

The learning and transformational pathway provided by The Nature Code uses these processes for experiential learning. This means the prior learning of participants is valued and integrated with existing transformational knowledge for ongoing evolution of wisdom and understanding. You can begin at any part of the learning pathway and dip in and out at your own pace.

you will learn a great deal about transformation

If you engage with The Nature Code, you will learn a great deal about transformation and how to work with these natural processes for co-creation. The talks will introduce you to transformational process. Our seminars provide an in depth exploration these processes, whilst workshops provide a transition to experiential learning, where you can experience transformational process for yourself. Nature immersion events are for connection to Earth and nature, and training integrates your learning so you can take it in any direction you want.

like a river flowing to an ocean of consciousness

Like a river flowing to an ocean of consciousness, The Nature Code is our contribution to the expansion of consciousness occurring on the planet at this time. We are aware that many rivers flow into this ocean including indigenous and ancient wisdom traditions, new sciences and many other learning communities.

providing the consciousness for a new reality on the planet

The energy, information and consciousness from each of these rivers of learning are integrated within the ocean, providing the consciousness for a new reality on the planet. Like the rain that falls back over the river catchments, this new consciousness is available to all rivers of learning, nourishing the people living and working within and alongside these rivers.

all involved contribute to additional understanding and wisdom

Communities often form within these rivers of learning. All involved contribute to additional understanding and wisdom, nourishing each other and the planetary consciousness that supports them. All the while these communities, and the nature around them, bask in the warmth and love of the sun, which represents the greater consciousness that surrounds us and energizes the entire system at local and global levels.