The Process

A Transformational Journey Back to Interconnected Mind

The learning process of The Nature Code is a transformational journey back to Interconnected Mind where natural transformational processes become visible. Connection with others and the world around us deepen, information and wisdom becomes available for guidance, meaningful relationships and a growing sense of belonging develops as life is once again enchanted with wonder in the way the first nations and ancients describe.

The learning and transformational journey is one of exploration and discovery that can be undertaken individually or in collaboration with others; guided by the transformational blue print we all carry within us  Rather than an engineered process of intervention, manipulation or dogma, it simply requires choice, self-permission, guidance and experiential learning.

What Does the Transformational Journey Look Like?

Your change process will be visible even though you are working with processes outside of existing awareness.  Typically it looks something like the following:

  • Initially, settling into comfort with more efficient processing
  • Things will stay pretty much the same for a while but you will begin to notice increasing spiritual and psychological energy that is necessary to bring about a transformational shift
  • Prior to a transformational shift it is not uncommon to begin to feel unstructured or as if you are struggling to understand your own process. Your mind must releasing existing patterns of processing to reorganise for increased spiritual energy and efficiency. During this period of transition processing efficiently is difficult due to changing and reorganising of processing structure.
  • Your mind and consciousness then re-organise into greater processing efficiency to accommodate the increased energy and a natural return to balance.  When the transformational shift occurs, insight, revelation and wisdom becomes available due to the improved processing and awareness. You can process more information so your awareness opens up enabling increased perception; including the energetic and spiritual feeling.
  • After the transformational shift there is a period of processing and integrating the new information that is available via increased awareness and, then you settle into comfort and processing efficiency once again.
  • This enables deeper connection with others, environment and consciousness across dimensions, energising your processing more and further empowering your transformational journey.
  • The transformational cycle repeats and your journey continues.

How Do We Work With These Processes

It is not complicated; we simply attend to the requirements for transformational processes to function effectively, and encourage you to do the same.

The requirements for effective process functioning include:

  • Safety: Transformational process cannot function effectively until the grip of Trauma Mind is released. The process cannot be pushed or engineered for this reason.  Feeling safe is essential and we do not compromise.
  • Container:  Transformational processes require an effective container to hold the energy of the process so that it is not dissipated. At the same time the container must be flexible and adaptable so that it does not constrain the processes at work. Participants are assisted to understand boundaries in terms of container and identify what is best for their process.
  • Interactivity:  Any transformational system must have interactive sub components for exchange of information and energy. As an individual this is effective communication between mind, body, emotions and spirit. When we are involved in a transformational group activity this is safe communication between participants. Protocols for safe communication are worked out by participants during the process
  • Feedback: Information that comes from self, and collective, observation of our process behaviour. It must be free of value judgement and non-directive. True mindfulness is an example of pure feedback and we also work worth other methods. Feedback of a certain type is essential for self-organisation and transformational processes to function effectively.
  • Values: All of the work of The Nature code is value driven. Values bring energy, consciousness and information into processing, empower process and give direction to transformational outcome. We work with participants to identify values important to them and to connect with the energy/consciousness of the values.
  • Information: Information about transformational processes is important in learning how to collaborate with them and each other.  Relevant information, as required, is given before and during the journey to build understanding and bring ease to transformational shifts.
  • Autonomy and Self-Regulation: Self-regulation and autonomy cannot occur with top down hierarchical leadership, or power structures. We work with collective leadership so that participants are free to make choices and learn from them.
  • Connection: By connecting the right way with healthy transformational systems our processing is energised and influenced toward transformation. This can be connection with healthy nature, transformational community, or consciousness beyond the rational mind.