The Problem with Leadership

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Control Over

The problem with hierarchical “control over” leadership is that it perpetuates crisis. It has its place when there actually is a crisis and fast sound decision making is needed with a recognized chain of command that involves confidentiality, but beyond that it is exploitative. For example, we have seen strong leaders emerge during times of war. When these ‘control over’ structures that are effective in war however, are maintained beyond the crisis they attract people who are interested in positions of power for influence over others and fulfillment of personal greed based agenda.

Crisis perpetuation with ongoing traumatisation serves their purpose

To maintain there position of ‘control over’ for vested interest gain they must perpetuate crisis and at the same time promise solution that they have no intention of delivering.  This enables them to justify their existence and actions. There has been plenty of evidence of this since the world wars and currently in world politics. Disagreement and conflict abounds with polarization into various groups who are in conflict with each other and ongoing crisis and traumatisation of the population continues. People feel dis-empowered and ineffective to initiate change as they are so removed from the power based structures that are invested in the maintenance of crisis. Confidentiality of decision making in all of this has become secret decision making with undisclosed agendas.

Don’t be part of the problem

Because of the crisis, dis-empowerment, overload and confusion, we look for leaders to do it for us. I hope you are seeing the problem here. People who are interested in power emerge and promise to solve it. Once in power though, they soon compromise their solution promises, often flagrantly, in favor of power based agendas including exploitative corporate interests.

Explore the new

The solution is disengaging form these dynamics, including thinking the existing power structures can solve the problems they have created, and exploring alternative leadership and decision making structures.  There are plenty of people doing good successful work in exploration of flexible and dynamical leadership. What does this look like? It is system based and responds to the need of the community rather than imposing ideologies and hidden agendas. It is recognized that no one person has the solution and we all carry part of it. Therefore the system is flexible and adaptable so that the most appropriate person can move into a position of individual leadership, if or when required, and then move out of it once that issue is resolved or goal achieved. Behind all of this is collaborative decision making guided by purpose, values and principles.

Learn from others who are making new understandings and skills available

This is why The Nature Code exists and why we are doing the work we do.  Fundamentally we are joining with others in exploration of the new for a sustainable and just future. The most powerful experiential learning experience of the processes involved, alternative leadership and what they offer is via our Transformational Circle Training program. It would be great to see you there