Transformational Systems

This seminar is for agents of change.

There is an evolution occurring in the sciences that is recognised as a paradigm shift in understanding and world view. It is finding its way into governance, social justice, organisations, the health and education sectors and more. The successes are such it is now being pointed to as the way forward for a sustainable and just future.

This seminar will provide you with an understanding and a map of the transformational process that are at the heart of The Nature Code. You will be equipped to see them at work, understand the transformational journey, and more easily access the wisdom held by indigenous and ancient wisdom traditions.

$150 per person

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If you are looking to explore the emerging world view that is being recognised as a paradigm shift in understanding and consciousness, this seminar will be of interest to you.

This seminar will qualify as PD points for many professionals and allied workers. However, you do not need an academic background as a prerequisite. In fact, not having one is often a distinct advantage. This seminar is about natural order and laws that are within us and our environment. We are all capable of understanding them.

The new sciences have discovered and mapped a process view of reality that goes well beyond what mechanistic science can describe. We live in a reality of self-organising systems that are interconnected and interdependent. These systems are essentially creative and things emerge from them.

We have come into being via the processes of self organising systems and our existence is supported by them. Our body, emotions and brain operate according to these processes and cultures and communities have formed and functioned naturally in accordance with them.

These processes represent a natural order based on certain principles or laws and are found at any level of examination. From the microscopic to the universal, these processes are at work exchanging energy and information between them and across levels.

Whilst these systems are unpredictable and cannot be controlled, they do have patterns of global behaviour. One of the many characteristics and behaviours that defines them is they will find their way to balance and efficiency of information processing unless something is stopping them from doing so.

In this seminar we discuss the characteristics of self-organising systems with transformational potential and how to identify them in operation. We explore what this means for our understanding of how things work, and how we can work with these processes for sustainability and co-creation.

Once understood you will view the world differently. The wisdom of indigenous and ancient wisdom traditions will be revealed more fully. This integration of new science with ancient wisdom traditions is being pointed to globally as the way forward for a sustainable and just future.

This knowledge and wisdom is currently being used across a range of endeavours throughout the world that includes psychology, spiritual development, environmental restoration, governance, community building, business, restorative justice, conflict resolution, peacemaking and much more.

Event Details

Date: Saturday October 14, 2017

Start time: 09:30

End time: 16:30

Venue: Henderson Environment Centre

Coordinates: 31.8585° S, 115.7603° E

Directions: End of Groat St, North Beach.