Transformational Blueprint

If we want a sustainable future, we must express the consciousness that can bring it into being. Is this something outside of us that we must strive for? Or are we already capable of generating it with Mother Earth, our nature family and each other?

This workshop is for those who want to explore connection with Mother Earth, nature and each other for co-creative transformational change and realisation of new potentials. It is about allowing this consciousness to express in your thoughts, emotions, words, vision and actions.

Places are limited to 20 people.

$180 per person

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There is a common belief we must try hard or follow rules and doctrines to be worthy or pure enough to engage with greater consciousness. Inherent within this, is a belief that we are imperfect, incapable or and need something outside of ourselves to be complete or achieve union.

The tiny seed of a giant Kari tree does not need anything outside of itself to tell it how to grow. It has a full blueprint already within it. Even if it’s been sleeping for many years, once the seed has suitable conditions in its environment, it will activate and grow to its full expression. Like the seed of the giant Karri tree, we carry a blue print for our full expression within us.

This blue print is the transformational processes within us that are simply waiting for the right conditions and relationships for full expression. From these processes emerge our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, sense of self and reality view. When they are constrained through unsuitable conditions or relationships, just like the Kari tree, what emerges from them is less than our full potential. However, unlike the Kari tree, we are not rooted to one spot and can make choices about environment and relationships.

Join us for this workshop and experience how you can connect with mother earth and nature for activation and energisation of the transformational blueprint within you. Learn how you can join with others in right relationship for transformational expression. To facilitate this experience, we will be integrating the new knowledge of transformational systems with indigenous wisdom.

Places are limited and will fill quickly.

Event Details

Date: Sunday November 26, 2017

Start time: 09:00

End time: 05:00

Venue: John Forrest National Park

Directions: More information will be provided with the ticket.