The Human Condition

The bodies we inhabit as spiritual beings come from Mother Earth with a capacity for emotional processing and advanced thought. This triad of mind, body, and emotion is the human condition and it has its own consciousness and comes with a genetic, social and cultural inheritance.

The human condition can be powerfully absorbing such that spiritual awareness and resource access is diminished. The grief of separation caused by this can cause suffering, but it is possible to release the struggle and unhook from the dynamic. The transformational blueprint within you will then be free to function and available in your journey to spiritual awareness.

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This talk is focused on understanding the dynamics of the human condition, the suffering that arises with absorption, and how to initiate the process of unhooking for a journey back to authentic self and increased spiritual awareness and resource access.

Many indigenous cultures and ancient wisdom traditions understand this and are well versed in the journey back to spiritual awareness. Our industrialised culture and collective mind has lost this simple knowledge. It has been replaced by classical science with a command and control approach.

Many spiritual traditions, psychology, and new age movements are compromised by this thinking. The consequence is unnecessary complication, and a belief that we are imperfect with a need for someone or something outside of ourselves with special knowledge, or ability, to do it for us. Often this involves engaging with and trying to outsmart or push against the issues to overcome them. An approach such as this is rarely successful and often strengthens the dynamic that is the problem.

The Buddhists know about dependent origination and that nothing can exist in isolation. So do the new systems sciences. Freedom comes from disengaging (unhooking), and connecting with the consciousness that has the solution. We will be exploring the simplicity of this, why it works, and how connection with mother earth and nature empowers the process of freedom from the constraints of the human condition.

Event Details

Date: November 09, 2017

Start time: 18:30

End time: 21:00

Venue: To be announced