Transformational Circle Training

Evolution not Revolution

The Peaceful Way: Transformational Circle Training draws on natural living systems to move beyond hierarchical power structures for collaborative learning and empowerment of the individual for self-determination and co-creative ability. Experience the shift in consciousness and thinking necessary for contribution to a sustainable future. Discover the wisdom of authentic self and how to enact this in collaboration with others. Limited to 10 participants for optimal outcomes.

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Transformational Circle Training

We all carry a part of the solution

We have the right to be heard

We have the right to contribute


Are you called to be part of this exploration?

Friday the 1st Nov – Sunday 3rd Nov 2019: Numbers limited to ten participants for optimal outcomes. Secure your place by contacting John Thompson 0407988269 or

Transformational Circle Training (TCT) provides a pathway to an emerging world view  that is recognised across scientific disciplines, wisdom traditions, differing cultures and various faiths as essential for a sustainable and just future.

In the 3 day training safety is established, equality reinstated and meaningful relationships developed for the emergence of powerful understanding and transformation outcomes. An interconnected world supported by living systems becomes visible and authentic self is revealed. It is recognised we all carry wisdom and by coming together in the right way solutions for a better future are clear.

This programme has been developed over many years. Characteristic of living systems upon which it is based it is constantly evolving with the input of participants. No two TCT events are the same as the systems utilised respond to the participants within the training.

TCT can be utilised post training for healing, personal/spiritual evolution, social change, community, agriculture, service delivery, organisations, business and much more. Graduates are invited to participate in an ongoing self-organising community for peer support, sharing of applied experience, mentoring, access to resources and additional learning opportunities.

A lifetime of study and experiential learning has been integrated for the development of the TCT programme. Influences include the science of self-organising systems, wisdom traditions, indigenous wisdom that is common in various parts of the world, long periods of  nature immersion, extensive travel and participation in conferences and exploratory workshops, and my work as a psychologist

Who Am I: My name is John Thompson and I live in the Perth Hills of Western Australia. I currently work as an Eco-Psychologist and Transformational Psychologist providing individual and group services. In my lifetime I have travelled extensively in my personal and professional exploration of transformational systems, wisdom traditions and the skills being developed by those who recognise the need for a better way. My work is recognised in the United States within aligned networks where I have conducted workshops, seminars, public speaking and been invited to contribute to conferences. This is reflected in some of the testimonials below.

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Topics covered in the three day TCT include:

  • Self organising and transformational processes and how to work with them
  • Boundary as container for process
  • Safe and mindful relationship of participants
  • Feedback at a group and individual level for self organisation
  • How to bring forward essential values to energise transformational process
  • Mindfulness in facilitation
  • The importance of balance in the process
  • Transformational Circle process protocol
  • Types of circle for differing purpose and application
  • The various elements of Transformational Circle that contribute to participation
  • Natural healing and wisdom release

Watch the short video below, compliments of Complexity Labs, for a great description of why a shift to systems thinking is required for a better future. Within the three day training you will have the opportunity for such a transition.


Additional Workshop Information

  • No learning prerequisites required
  • Arrive in time for a 9.15 am start and finish 4.45 pm each day
  • A generous morning and afternoon tea is provided
  • We encourage participants to bring lunch to share or there are nearby cafes
  • Handouts will be provided during the training
  • Additional resource material will be emailed post training
  • Post training you will be invited to participate in the peer support community for additional learning.
  • Additional resources are also provided on completion.


For more information about Transformational Circle Training or to secure your place and discuss payment options please contact:

John Thompson:   0407988269



Karla, Environmental Scientist – Perth
“What unfolded over the 3 days was absolutely profound and life-changing. We learnt by ‘doing’ ‘being’ ‘observing’ and ‘trusting’ in the process. John held space so perfectly, allowing each participant to have profound shifts in their own timing by working through their own divine processes.”

Gail Larsen, founder Real Speaking® and author, Transformational Speaking: If You Want to Change the World, Tell a Better Story.
“John Thompson is a speaker who is able to tap in to a source beyond himself so that his words become as much a transmission as a speech! He explores both the science and the mystery in his thoughtful, grounded way, connecting to both the earth and his listeners. He leads us to a place of trust that nature does indeed have all the answers we seek.”

Daryl, Meditation Teacher – Perth
“Thank you for a profound weekend. I loved the process, the group of amazing people and the way you held the space in such gentle wisdom. I felt so safe and I truly resonate with a process that gives everyone space to speak and be heard. It was a really powerful healing experience. I loved everything about it.”

Jonathan Varkul, Toronto, Canada
“At our workshop in New Mexico, John connected us to the simplicity, the power, the availability and the magical elegance of nature. I experienced first hand how this connection enhances our connection with ourselves and with others at a practical level and how it opens us up to previously inaccessible information and possibilities. A truly remarkable experience. Thank you John!!”

Sue-Anne – Perth
“AWESOME! No more words to describe this incredible experience. Thank you.”

Christine Tripoli, New York, Looking Glass Events Group,
“John’s wisdom, his commitment to the transformational process and his deep connection to spirit provides a safe environment in which groups can be open to true connection with each other, with spirit and importantly, to themselves. He is a dreamer of a new way, and in his programs, he shares his gift of that new way, which inevitably kickstarts a transformation process, whether at the micro or macro level – or anywhere in between. Personally experiencing this process completely changed how I approach everything in life, both personally and professionally”.

Andrew mature age PhD student – Perth
“John creates an environment of experiential learning that shifted my intellectual knowledge of the therapeutic process and Systems Theory (Chaos Theory), into experiential understanding. Which is like the difference between being told how a mango tastes and actually eating one!”

Event Details

Date: Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd Nov

Start time: 09:15 a.m.

End time: 04:45 p.m.

Venue: Darlington, Western Australia

Directions: Venue address and directions will be supplied with booking

Phone: 0407988269