Spirit Embodied

We are spiritual beings embodied for a sensory and creative experience of the world. What does this mean? What are we here to learn? Do we have a destiny? Is there a purpose to this?

In this seminar we will be exploring the human condition, its interdependence with the world, and the emergence of personality and ego. Drawing on new science and ancient wisdom, The Nature Code enables a view of our individual and collective experience as a part of our transformational and creative spiritual journey. Understanding the human condition in this way brings our on-board transformational potential into awareness and enables wisdom and access to spiritual resources.

$150 per person

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The body comes hard wired for the development of emotions, thought, and self-awareness. It also comes with a genetic, cultural and social inheritance. The triad of body, thought and emotions comprises the human condition which has its own consciousness. This develops throughout life and is highly influenced by environmental influences and interdependent relationships.

Within the human condition, our beliefs, personality and ego self-organise to shape our experience of the world and its meaningfulness. As a spiritual being resident in a dynamical human condition, it is very easy to become absorbed. The more absorbed we become, the more our experience of the world, and concepts of self are influenced by the conditioning and programming of the human condition.

When this happens, a loss of awareness and spiritual resources occurs as we are immersed into turbulent emotional, mental and physical energies of the material world. We then end up drawing from these human based energies or consciousness and inevitably create more of the same according to the programming and conditioning we carry.

The way back to authentic self does not need to involve struggling with the dynamics of the human condition to change them in some preconceived way. The Nature Code points towards an understanding of the human condition, and its interdependent relationship within the world, that enables a space to open within us that welcomes full embodiment of spirit.

With this comes a consciousness that initiates healing and transformation of the human condition so we are able to generate wisdom from our lived experience and express our spiritual truth freely. We are then working with powerful spiritual consciousness in co-creative endeavours, with an increasing familiarity of our developing purpose and who we are spiritually.

Event Details

Date: Sunday November 12, 2017

Start time: 09:30

End time: 16:30

Venue: Henderson Environment Centre

Directions: End of Groat Street, North Beach

Email: info@thenaturecode.com