Brain and Body

We are spiritual beings embodied in a very intelligent human condition for a sensory and creative experience of the world. Our brains are considered the most complex system known on planet earth. Yet they are simply one processing node in a global (perhaps universal) information processing network.

When we consider distributed information processing in this way, our separateness dissolves and meaningful relationship with Mother Earth and our nature family for co-creation become real. With this comes access to knowledge and wisdom, and the activation of transformational potential.

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Join us for this fascinating exploration.

We will be discussing the evolutionary emergence of the human body and brain and what it means to be embodied within such an intelligent life form as a spiritual being. The opportunity to be incarnate within such a body for a sensory and creative exploration of an incredibly beautiful planet is humbling.

The rational conscious mind however has learnt to consider itself as intelligently supreme and uniquely different to other intelligent systems, based on our brains capacity . The perception of supremacy and difference creates separateness, causing suffering and a disconnection from wisdom and transformational resources.

When we consider what we have in common with other intelligent systems, the illusion of separation begins to dissolve and interdependence with Mother Earth, nature and each other is evident. Our bodies and brains have emerged from powerful creative processes within Mother Earth, as has the rest of nature. Within our bodies and brains are the same transformational processes as in nature, which become available to us once we understand them. We can then find our way back to Mother Earth, transformational resources become available, and we can step into our role as co-creators with her, our nature family and each other.

These processes are at the heart of The Nature Code and offer a more complete view of our existence. Once understood we can see:

  • Our brains and bodies are part of a vast interactive information processing network and do not exist in isolation
  • Mother Earth is an intelligent being along with the members of our nature family
  • We have access to accumulated wisdom and transformational resources
  • We have a transformational blueprint within us that is powerfully creative
  • How we can connect with Mother Earth and nature for activation of the transformational blue print within us
  • That we do not possess creative power within our own right. Rather, there are creative processes embedded within us (and all of existence) that we can work with in acts of co-creation
  • We cannot have a healthy society with healthy individuals if we do not have a healthy natural environment.

There will be time for questions and discussion as a part of this event.

Event Details

Date: November 16, 2017

Start time: 18:30

End time: 21:00

Venue: To be announced