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1.2 Re-Enchant your Life

Powerful relationships and a growing sense of belonging emerge when we become aware of our nature family and Mother Earth as conscious beings Within these relationships, a great deal of information, wisdom, and spiritual medicine is available. Meaning and purpose in life emerges that enriches relationships with others.

In this talk John will share his journey and nature immersion experiences that resulted in personal transformation and awareness of The Nature Code. In relating these stories, John will reference the new sciences that explain these experiences and his subsequent learning from indigenous cultures.

This talk is the second of a four week series Thursday nights -12th, 19th, 26th October and 2nd November 2017. Participation in individual talks is also welcome. We provide a warm vegetarian meal (soup) and hot drinks.

$30 per person

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“Many years ago I was living immersed in nature with the opportunity to develop relationship with Mother Earth and our nature family. One day I was aware that I needed a spiritual strength to continue in my journey. With this recognition I lay upon the earth and asked for this strength and assistance in my journey. I explained to Mother Earth the events that had taken place that had depleted me and restated my commitment to my spiritual purpose. In my naivety I expected an immediate experience but soon dozed off. I awoke a little while later and continued my walk, still feeling the emptiness from lack of strength and uncertainty about my capacity.

It was not long before I noticed a very old and gnarled great Kari tree that felt as if it was calling me in some unknown way. I walked toward it admiring its beauty and presence and felt to sit with my back against it. An invitation soon arrived in my consciousness to ask again for the strength I sought. I accepted this invitation and was immediately aware of a growing powerful strength within me.

A constraining belief from my human condition then told me that I should not be taking strength from this tree and to feel guilty about such a selfish act. As soon as this arose, a crystal clear awareness came that dissolved this constraint.

The awareness was, that by joining with the tree, I was accessing an abundant supply of strength from the same source as the Kari tree. Also that by joining with the tree, we were working together and empowering each other in co-creative activity. I visited this Kari tree often and learnt it was an elder of the forest with great wisdom and spiritual medicine that was available to those aligned with mother earth and nature.

The power of this experience meant I could accept the reality of it. However, it was not until some years later when studying the new system sciences and entrainment, that I could rationally make sense of the experience.”

In this talk John, will be sharing stories like these and explaining the findings and concepts within the new sciences that validate the reality of such experiences. He will also share learning form indigenous people about how to facilitate these experiences.

Event Details

Date: October 19, 2017

Start time: 18:30

End time: 21:00

Venue: Earthwise, Subiaco

Directions: 315 Bagot Rd, Subiaco WA 6008