Mother Earth Connection

Indigenous people from around the world turn to mother earth and their nature family for wisdom access, healing and spiritual medicine. This enables deep relationship, transformational learning and consideration of our interdependence with each other and the rest of nature.

In this hands on workshop we draw on indigenous wisdom, information from the new sciences, and eco-psychology to explore connection and all it has to offer. You will leave this workshop with insight and experience of the emerging new consciousness that is necessary for personal transformation and a sustainable future. It is great preparation for the full nature immersion events and transformational training we conduct from time to time.

Participant places are limited to 20 for optimal learning and interaction.

$180 per person

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Whether we like it or not, most of us have been born into a mechanistic, power based world view. It is a worldview by which we are deeply conditioned. It is well established and many generations old. The result has been disconnection from Mother Earth and nature and a great deal of destruction, violence, helplessness and suffering. The simplicity of wisdom based solutions and access to transformational resources that set us free, have also been obscured.

For a sustainable and just future, it is imperative we find our way back to an inclusive world view with wisdom based simplicity of action. In so doing, we become informed and empowered to work together collaboratively according to natural law. To do this, the conscious mind must be freed from the constraints of its conditioned information processing and world view.

Once this occurs, the conscious mind begins to process in a way consistent with deeper consciousness which is in relationship with nature, Mother Earth and more. Think of this as learning the language of another culture for effective communication. In this case, the language is flexibility and fluidity of processing. The result is greater information exchange between the conscious mind and natural mind. Within this is the wisdom and knowledge necessary for transformation of the conscious mind and increased awareness of the dimensions of existence.

This workshop is a shift from learning by explanation to learning by experience. This is to facilitate the transformation of consciousness and the re-connection of conscious mind with natural mind. We use systems based knowledge and indigenous wisdom to activate transformational processing within our consciousness, beyond the conditioned and constrained rational conscious mind.

Then, if we allow it, our conscious mind soon follows our natural mind to adopt a transformational processing pattern. Connection with Mother Earth and nature allows for further empowerment of this transformational processing pattern, and new information and wisdom becomes available.

You may wish to consider attending one or more of the talks we provide in preparation for these experiential workshops

Event Details

Date: Sunday October 22, 2017

Start time: 09:00

End time: 17:00

Venue: John Forrest National Park

Directions: Travel along Great Eastern Highway to Park Road. Enter the John Forrest National Park. Show your ticket at the Park Ticket booth for free entry. If it is unattended, drive through. Park at the front of the Margaret Forrest Centre which is adjacent to the Tavern and Rangers offices.