A Self Organising World

There is a revolution occurring within the sciences. A new world view is emerging that has profound implications for relationships, governance, commerce, identity and much more. In this seminar we will be examining the existing dominant mechanical world view and how it has driven hierarchical and power based structures, exploitation and monopolisation.

We will explore how this worldview has imposed an unnatural order on us that is largely responsible for the disharmony, suffering and conflict in the world. We will then explore the new systems view to see what it has to offer for a sustainable and just future.

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Mechanical science has a central thesis of “command and control”. It is based on assumptions about independence, causality and relationships and how they work. Nothing beyond a material reality is generally considered (exclusiveness). As a result, consciousness is seen to emerge from the brain and is considered to not exist independent of the body. According to mechanical science, the spiritual and mystical realms are imagined and illusory.

Newtonian science, as it is also called, emerged during the late 1600’s. It was heavily influenced by the findings of Isaac Newton and his subsequent clockwork model of the universe. It did such a good job of defining reality at the time, it displace the religions of as the authority (and god) and has claimed this position ever since.

Proponents of the new sciences see mechanical science as an incomplete story based on false assumptions. It can be seen as a scientific theology with a creation story about how things came into existence, the nature of reality, and how it all works.

However, many believe it has served its purpose in the evolution of our intellect and consciousness, and it is now time to move on. There is a mountain of evidence to support this position, yet the mechanical view remains dominant. The question is, why?

Perhaps it is not the science itself that is the problem. Rather, it may be that science has become corrupted by its promise of power and control, and has been exploited by those who seek power or assume they know what is best for others. Hence the reluctance to release the beliefs and structures supporting ‘power over’ by those within our governments, commercial, and social worlds. There is simply too much invested in terms of reputation, power, and material gain. The age old dilemma that existed prior to the rise of mechanical science, of greed and power, remains and we see it being acted out on the world stage.

Interestingly, the new world view has evolved out of the mechanical sciences. It is inclusive rather than exclusive, and therefore more expansive. It includes a reality beyond the physical. It does not mean rejection of mechanical science, but rather places this knowledge within a larger framework of reference where it can be seen for its usefulness and its limitations.

This seminar will explore the dynamics of the new world view that is now emerging. This worldview includes interdependence and power with each other, rather than power over. Hierarchies and monopolisation of power have no place within it and sense of self is being redefined along with relationships and our place in the universe.

Multivalent logic rather than bivalent logic applies in this new world view. This is where things can be right or wrong, or both at the same time, depending on context.The interrelationships between these properties are highlighted to bring forward a world view that offers a sustainable and just future. More than anything, it shows a way forward for transformation of consciousness and collaborative co-creation


Event Details

Date: Saturday, December 09, 2017

Start time: 09:30

End time: 16:30

Venue: Henderson Environment Centre

Directions: End of Groat Street, North Beach.

Email: info@thenaturecode.com