Energy Alignment Walk

Join us in a Mother Earth connection walk. John will guide you along a personal trail he has developed over the years for energetic balancing. We will visit forest elders for their spiritual medicine and assistance to clarify individual intent and purpose for the walk. Along the trail we will stop at special places that have been prepared for healing, chakra balancing and alignment. Stories will be shared for release of constraints and co-creation with mother earth for wisdom generation and creative expression.

$150 per person

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If you feel the call of Mother Earth to wake up and join with her for our collective wellbeing, this walk and talk will be of interest to you. It is imperative we are in alignment with Mother Earth and our nature family if we are to act for a better future.

In this walk and talk, you learn about connection with your nature family for spiritual medicine and wisdom. You join with Mother Earth for balancing of your energy system and creative capacity. This enables you to access Mother Earth energy and wisdom for healing and opening of energy centres so that you can act in love, speak your wisdom, and discern right action according to your personal vision.

This walk is along a trail that has been developed over 20 years. Information and understanding has been encoded in this landscape with story, connection and deep meditation. There are stories and understandings that have been given in return by Mother Earth that will be shared with you to assist you in your personal journey of transformation.

From this experience, you learn how to walk in the landscape for Mother Earth connection when you are in nature. This includes how to identify features that hold understanding for you, or members of your nature family that have spiritual medicine for you.

You also become equipped to develop your own personal healing or wisdom walk trail in suitable landscapes of your choosing. Such a trail can be walked regularly for healing and wisdom generation. In time you can share this with others and invite participation or maintain it as a personal pathway of deep meaning for you. Mother Earth will respond with additional learning, understanding, and resources for your own personal journey of action toward collective wellbeing.

Event Details

Start time: 09:00

End time: 16:30

Venue: Darlington, Western Australia

Directions: Directions will be provided upon booking.