Earth, Sun & Moon: Full Lunar Eclipse

A full lunar eclipse is a powerful opportunity to release from your life what no longer serves spiritual self and life purpose.We walk to a place high in the Darling Scarp (John Forest National Park) where we share stories of earth connection and activation of deep processing. This is followed by a sunset meditation to prepare for a moonlight walk along bush trails and then the full lunar eclipse experience.

During this walk you have the opportunity to develop your energetic sensitivity so that you can connect with nature family and maintain deep processing for healing, knowledge acquisition and wisdom generation.

Check below for details and what you need to bring for comfort.

$10 per person

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Mother Earth and nature connection

A full lunar eclipse is a powerful opportunity to release from your life what no longer serves spiritual self and life purpose. This walk is an opportunity to connect with Mother Earth and experience the processing and healing benefits as we walk to a point high on the Darling Scarp with views to the coast for a sunset meditation. Here we prepare for the full lunar eclipse and then begin to walk back in the moonlight. Prior to 9.29 pm we stop and make our final preparation for the full eclipse experience. Then we walk back in the renewing moonlight.

Numbers will be limited for enhanced learning/healing experience of nature and attention from the walk leaders. You must purchase a ticket to attend so we know when to close off the booking for the event.


Prior to starting you will be given the opportunity to introduce yourself to Mother Earth and your nature family and ask for support in your healing and transformational journey. We will also guide you through the process of opening your energetic field for full interaction with the landscape and nature as you walk.

Activation of Process

Once we arrive at the high point we will have time for additional Mother Earth connection or discussion prior to the sunset meditation. During the sunset meditation you will be able to use what you have learnt to practice open focus for deep processing and wisdom access.

Power of the Moon

Then with enhanced open focus and energetic sensitivity we will walk back in the full moon until the beginning of the eclipse. Once again we will be still so as to sit upon earth  to view the beauty of a full lunar eclipse. There will be time to discuss and share experience before we arrive back. Prior to finishing we will close the process and give thanks to Mother Earth.


If you would like to know more about the spiritual and psychological benefits of this walk see additional information below.

Start time: 6 pm Saturday the 4th November for 6.15pm departure. Make sure you are on time as we can not delay departure time. The sunset will not wait for us.

Start Place: John Forest national Park. See the map and ticket for details for start location

Length of walk: Approximately 6 Km’s

Level of Fitness: Reasonable and above. We will be walking up hills at times but there will be time for rest stops and chat.

Fee: $10 to cover national park access fees and admin cots..

You will need to bring:

  • Water – 2 liters
  • Food/snacks to eat before the sunset meditation.
  • Flashlight – small lightweight. Mobile phone light is OK
  • Insect repellent
  • Shoes/boots suitable for bush walking.
  • Light jacket or over-shirt in case the evening is cool.
  • A small back pack or shoulder bag to carry all of that in.

Looking forward to seeing you on this wonderful walk. We will be taking it easy and the focus will be on enjoyment. Scroll to end of this page for additional event information and map of start location.


Spiritual and psychological benefits of open focus

We live in a world dominated by the need for narrow focus. Reading, writing, computers, television, working with objects and detail are just some of the activities that require narrow focus. We have been engaged in activities like this for so long that it becomes hard to release narrow focus. Whilst narrow focus and concentrations such as this is essential for these tasks, it dramatically affects the way we process information and heavily engages the resources of the conscious mind at the expense of deep processing.

When we release narrow focus and return to open focus, the intellect is released, our mind quietens and deep processing is activated. The information we have been accumulating via the conscious mind with narrow focus is then handed over to the unconscious mind for deep processing. Here the intellect is rested and rejuvenated while this information is integrated and insight and wisdom are generated. For this to occur two things are essential. We must be able to move, as needed, between narrow focus and open focus, and the processes within the unconscious mind must be functioning effectively.

In this nature immersion experience, you learn more about how your mind works, narrow and open focus and the benefits of being able to move between them appropriately. You have the opportunity to connect with Mother Earth to free up the processes within the unconscious mind that generate insight and wisdom. We explore ways of moving into open focus and how to maintain it for a sunset meditation.

Prior to the moonlight walk, you are invited to bring to bring something into awareness you would like to resolve so you can extract the wisdom and move on from it. Then this will be handed over to the deeper mind and the walk will begin. With open focus and less intellectual engagement, your energetic sensitivity will increase so that you are aware of your nature family in new ways.

Walking in the moonlight along bush trails naturally invites this and you will be more easily able to maintain it. As you walk it becomes possible to feel the energetic changes in the landscape and that of your various nature family members. This enables information and energetic exchange with your landscape which enhances unconscious processing, healing and wisdom generation.

Event Details

Date: January 31, 2018

Start time: 18:00

End time: 22:30

Venue: John Forest National Park

Directions: More information will be provided upon booking.