Dynamical Visioning

Dynamical visioning uses transformational processes and co-creation to achieve outcomes and maximise our learning, growth and development along the way. The qualities we want in our life are accessed directly as an aspect of consciousness or energy to initiate transformational change within us.

A vision emerges that energises and informs the transformational processes within us, so as to manifest the outcome. The creative path is revealed and as we journey, powerful learning and transformational opportunities arise. By traveling this path we gain the ability to join others in co-creative activities for a sustainable and just future.

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We have been told that to be happy and feel successful we must have certain things or achieve certain standards of success. That is, we have come to believe that the qualities we desire to experience in our lives are tied to things, outcomes or rules defined by others. This drives materialism and is exhausting. The feelings we pursue are rarely long lasting and as a lung specialist once said in an ABC radio interview: “I have witnessed many people approach death and not one of them has ever said they wished they had worked harder or had more things.”

Dynamical visioning for creation turns this around and is simple. We begin by accessing the quality directly and independently of things and the rules of others. The quality is used to energise and inform the creative and transformational processes within you. A creative outcome emerges that makes these qualities manifest.

It involves:

  • Identifying the qualities we wish to experience
  • Understanding they are various aspects of consciousness and therefore bring information and energy
  • Connecting directly with the consciousness
  • Allowing the reorganisation this initiates within you to occur
  • Waiting for the vision to emerge and allowing this to direct and inform your creative process
  • Responding to and using the awareness that is released to you
  • Acting as appropriate and holding energetic space for it to come into existence

With dynamical visioning we are engaging in co-creation. We soon learn that processes embedded within us have the creative power and that we can work with them to bring about change. If our intent is aligned with others we can join in acts of powerful co-creation. If our intent is aligned with Mother Earth we have access to incredible co-creative capacity.

In this discussion we will be exploring:

  • The creative processes at work within us and Mother Earth
  • How to connect with qualities as consciousness
  • How to grow and nurture powerful vision that informs and energises your creative processes
  • The nature of a dynamical vision that grows and transforms over time
  • How to work with process as a co-creator
  • How to join with Mother Earth in acts of co-creation
  • The art of effortlessness in your co-creative ability

Event Details

Date: November 30, 2017

Start time: 18:30

End time: 21:00

Venue: To be announced

Email: info@thenaturecode.com