New Mexico and New Consciousness

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Why travel to New Mexico from Perth for two and a half weeks? There are a bunch of reasons but mostly because I will go where I feel called to be for learning and growth. I begin my latest journey mid March.

There has been a lot of work in the US with circle in all sorts of settings, and there are some very good and experienced process trainers there. Many are utilizing it to contribute to change in their own way and one of these, a respected friend and associate on the leading edge of transformational training in the US, is holding a residential immersive toward the end of March. The purpose is to bring together those who are active in change and understand process to explore new consciousness. This refers to an emerging understanding of a way forward beyond conventional awareness and thinking. Many people are aware of it and once accessed a great deal of accumulative information and wisdom is available to guide us toward a better future.

New consciousness

I am looking forward to this event as it is this consciousness that pulls The Nature Code forward in its evolution. This is something I first became aware of in the 1980’s during an extended nature immersion experience and it has guided my activities ever since. The opportunity to hear from others working with similar processes in their own way, and join with them in exploration is not to be missed. In events such as this the challenge is to stay in process and allow gathered energy to do its thing without interfering or exercising control. At times it is intense but you soon learn to not dissipate it via unnecessary talk or actions and hold the space. The energy of the new consciousness drives transformational change and any associated turbulence soon passes. After this comes increased awareness, insight, wisdom access and much more.

All of this is facilitated by circle process and my experience with it and trust of the organisers provides plenty of safety. I have always found sitting in circle to be powerful and a rich source of learning. Once the group process is in place it empowers individual processing and participants can reach further and wider for understanding via the collective group dynamic and consciousness.

Preparing the empty space

Whilst this has been my experience I have also learn not to be attached to any expectation as something very different may occur. Once in Los Angeles on March 15th I have a hire car and a week to arrive at the remote venue in New Mexico. This will give me plenty of time to explore the amazing landscape and wilderness along the way, unhook from the past and connect with Mother Earth in preparation for the event. Mother Earth and nature has always been a wonderful preparation for me prior to immersion into energy and consciousness such as this. Part of this preparation is to settle into ‘not knowing’ and purifying the empty space that leaves to invite and welcome the new.

Invitations to visit us in Perth

I look forward to meeting many of these pioneers for the first time and being in relationship with them via circle for five days. I am confident some of these people will come to Perth if I invite them. The ongoing collaboration and partnership with Kelly has made the evolution of The Nature Code possible and I am grateful we journey together. The Nature Code has available in the Perth Hills a fully furnished flat and group room. We also have event organizing capacity, and via TNC website can promote aligned events and cater for ticketing and payment.

This makes it very easy for someone to bring their wisdom, teaching or training to Perth. All they need do is turn up at the airport and we will put them back on a plane when they are ready to leave. Recently we hosted Harley Eagle from North America to test drive our capacity for this and it went very well. Harley rated it as one of his top ten life experiences, and participants in his talks and events found them very powerful.

Learning is interactive

Regardless of outcome in New Mexico already there are people within my existing networks in the US who will come to Perth if we can support them in this way. Like Harley, they have much experience and wisdom, and can contribute a great deal. Also, like Harley, they come to learn as they understand interactivity and that we all contribute to solution. I do feel the immersive in New Mexico will build this network and we look forward to exploring the possibility of others coming to our land to share with us and learn from us.

Australia has much to offer

By developing these international networks we also see the opportunity for people from Australia to reciprocate and provide learning experiences for our friends of the new consciousness in the US and Europe. One of the many things we have learnt in our various travels is that in Australia we have much unique wisdom to offer that comes from our ancient land and the influence it has on the people who walk upon it.

In Peace and love

John Thompson