Industrialised Mind: Opt out of the Game

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Whether we like it or not, we have been born into an industrialised world. Over many generations this has had a profound effect on our minds, environment and society. Below I discuss how this worldview has conditioned our minds, shaped our identity and separated us from consciousness that is essential for natural evolution and transformation, and what we can do about that.

To understand industrialised mind it is important to acknowledge the profound influence of what is known as classical science. In today’s world it claims authority as the ultimate truth test of reality and thinking, and is heavily invested in defining reality and how we should be in the world. People who are well schooled in the classical sciences are able to claim expertise and authority on this basis. The powerful players in this game are also the rule makers and the umpires. That in itself raises a massive red flag and I am not sure about you, but that is a game I am tired of participating in. Some of the properties of classical science are:

  • It has a mechanical view of reality. This is known as the clockwork universe.
  • Only the material world exists and therefore consciousness cannot exist independently of the body. There is no ‘you’ beyond your physical existence. Also spiritual dimensions are not real but imagined or hallucinated.
  • Causality works from the bottom up and from the past to the present only. Therefore ‘god’ or higher consciousness can have no influence over us.
  • Causality and effect is linear and therefore predictable
  • Systems and outcomes are controllable
  • Any system can be understood in its fullness by examining its parts in isolation. Therefore a system can never be more than the sum of its parts.
  • Independence. We can monitor and examine a system without impacting on its functioning.
  • Things can be returned to the way they once were
  • Use of a logic known as bi-valent. Essentially a dualist view of something; can be this or that but not both at the same time.
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There are many more properties and you are welcome to add any you think are important to this narrative in the comments below. I invite participation and feedback in this way. This information will be integrated into a rewrite of the narrative and contributors acknowledged.

Command and Control

In essence classical science has a central thesis of ‘command and control’. Most research attempts to reduce the complexity of the world into single, linear cause and effect relationships that do not reflect reality. This reductionism is an attempt to understand, predict and control outcomes so we can better understand the world around us, including reassembling the bits in different ways for different purpose.

Now this has given us many great things and the benefits of classical science are abundant. We all enjoy the mechanical luxuries of modern living and many of us have benefited from medical breakthroughs. Yet as a result of it, we also stand on the precipice of sustainable existence.

The Immense Problems

So what are the problems with this worldview and how has it brought us to such a precarious position?

  • Once ‘god’, spirit, or ‘greater consciousness’ is removed, men and women are left as the supreme beings on the planet.
  • God or spirit has been replaced by scientific experts as the ones  we turn to in our times of need.   
  • Consciousness and intelligence are defined in terms of mankind’s self perceived supreme status. We must be seen to be different and superior to the rest of creation if we are to maintain this position of supreme being.
  • The rational conscious mind is the ultimate authority because of a constructed logical approach and view of the world. Emotions for example are a distraction or problem and must be controlled: They have no place in decision making.
  • With this elevation of humanity a separation occurs from the natural world. Mother Earth and our extended nature family are seen to be without consciousness or spirit and can therefore be exploited without concern.
  • The fact that  we believe we can engineer outcomes has been catastrophic. Take a look around you to see how well this is going. There is increasing instability and chaos
  • The rise of the expert has resulted in accumulation of power, dependency, disempowerment of others and the ability to exploit them.  
  • The expert is seen to know what is best for others and hierarchical structures have been constructed so they can wield their authority backed by science. This is apparent in governance, education, financial systems, medical system and much more.  
  • Success is measured in terms of accumulation of power, things, knowledge, money etc.
  • The rise of individualism and isolation. Family and social structures are breaking down.
  • Loss of meaningful relationship.  Our separation from nature and each other as spiritual beings, along with the mechanical view of the world, means loss of relationship dimensions and a resultant emptiness within us. Instead we are offered relationships with products, remote media popular identities, ideologies and more. No wonder we have become such powerful consumers in our desperation to fill the emptiness that comes from separation.
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This list is not exhaustive. If you have more you would like to add please do so in the comments section. Your contribution and comment is most welcome. It is however, enough to illustrate the problem with the classical world view and how it has resulted in such a precarious future.


In short, whilst we believe the assumptions of classical science, it’s constructed view of reality and how things work, we remain players in a game where those invested in ‘power over’ are the rule makers and umpires. If we co-operate, we are well rewarded but still at the mercy of those who run the game. If we challenge them or try to disrupt this game, we are still engaged in it and often become exhausted, burnt out and noneffective; or excluded from the game and discredited or isolated. When we challenge it in this way, we are mostly likely still thinking according to the constructed rules and can be easily dealt with.

Disengage and Join With Others

The irony is that they only have this type of power whilst we remain in the game with them. The solution is essentially two part. Opt out of the game. This does not mean being passive. It simply means not accepting the definitions of yourself or the reality imposed upon you where you are controlled, exploited and disempowered. Alongside opting out of the game, look for others who are exploring the new world view that is emerging and join with them. There are many people doing this throughout the world. In the next blog post I will describe this emerging awareness and worldview that is being pointed to as the way forward for a sustainable and just future.

John Thompson

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Vicki Bowden

Thanks John
A very interesting article and I am coming more aware of this divide between the ‘scientific/rational’ view of the world and it’s dominance which is leading to self destruction.
I’ll stay tuned.

John Thompson

Glad you enjoyed it Vicki. I will soon be posting a blog called “Beyond Industrialised Mind”. For the first few posts I will be outlining a conceptual framework for a process world view. Then I will be able to write more specific and shorter blogs about how this relates to our lived life. Any questions or comments along the way are welcome.

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