Creative Mother Earth

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Creative Mother Earth

Self-organising and transformational processes are at the heart of evolution and of earth coming into existence as a creative living system with consciousness. Mother Earth has since brought an incredible diversity of life forms into being of which we are one. Humans have mobility and dexterity, an ability to manipulate their environment, and a creative capacity beyond that of any other life form on planet earth.

Mother Earth is self-organising yet embedded in, and supported by a larger solar system. The solar system is embedded in, and supported by the Milky Way Galaxy. Galaxies exist in larger systems of multiple galaxies called clusters. Galactic clusters exist in, and are supported by a universe. Now scientists postulate there may be multiple universes. If they exist are they supported by a larger system? Nobody knows because, with all of our technology we cannot see our universe in its fullness. We do know however, that through all of these levels of existence, self-organising processes are at work.

Mother Earth, like all planets, was brought into existence by these powerfully creative and transformational self-organising processes. Cosmic dust self-organised and attracted more dust to eventually form a planet which settled into orbit around a sun, finding its place in a larger system. Fuelled by the energy of the sun, planet earth has continued to evolve and transform according to these universal self-organising processes.  

Self Replication – Life begins

The chemical and mineral elements of earth interacted and formed additional self-organising systems, and from these emerged the earliest forms of primitive life. In an incredible process of co-creation, earth, in relationship with the solar system and beyond, brought forward life. These life forms evolved and additional systems emerged as evolution continued. The universal creative process that brought the solar system and earth into existence were now self-replicating within the energetic field of Mother Earth.

In this process of self-replication the various earth bound systems also contained the universal principles of creation and transformation. Life and earth continued to evolve in this way over billions of years to our present time. Within Mother Earth there are now an infinite number of interdependent self-organising systems that have brought an incredible array and diversity of life into existence, and support its ongoing organisation and evolution.

Evident in this description is a powerful act of co-creation and co-evolution as the universal process self-replicated. In their formative years systems such as these are held within the energy field of the parent system and their evolution is driven by that system as it continues to evolve. As more and more self-organising systems come into existence, creative ability and power increase throughout the global system they are supported by. There comes a time where the emerging smaller systems become fully self-organising and stable with all of the properties and capabilities that comes with that. Once this evolutionary stage is reached, the system begins to create within its own right according to its inherent capacity to do so, and begins to influence the parent system as it goes about evolving and creating.

Mother Earth as a Creative Consciousness

Mother Earth came into existence and achieved her self-organising and creative ability in this way billions of years ago and has become a very stable and powerful system. During her evolutionary and creative journey she has been impacted upon by giant asteroids, pole shifts and more that have radically changed the environment and landscape with mass extinctions. Yet Mother Earth re-stabilised in her creative ability and continued her process of evolutionary creation.

Part of Mother Earth’s creation is our human form and we have evolved to develop characteristics and abilities that set us apart from the rest of life on planet earth. We have also self-organised like other life forms and there are many emergent systems such as family, community, race etc. We have individual consciousness and when we form groups a global consciousness emerges that is greater than the sum of its parts with an exponential increase in capacity to alter our environment and create within our own right. It is difficult to imagine that a creative system such as Mother Earth capable of bringing conscious beings such as us into existence is not conscious herself.

Many Indigenous and ancient wisdom traditions recognise Mother Earth in this way. They also understand Mother Earth can be communicated with and is a source of healing, wisdom and information. Their view is supported by the properties of self-organising systems that brought Mother Earth into existence and the new sciences have uncovered and described in detail.

If we broaden our understanding of consciousness in this way we can also understand how all living systems have consciousness and can be communicated with. This extends to landscape features and ecosystems. Ancient cultures knew this and many surviving indigenous cultures and nature based spiritual traditions are still in deep and meaningful relationship with nature and Mother Earth. In these traditions interdependency and the knowledge that we must respect Mother Earth and her creation for mutual well being is understood. It is seen that we all have common roots and are but one species of life in a vast nature family supported by Mother Earth. To disrespect our nature family or Mother Earth is to disrespect the consciousness that brought us all into being and will result in consequence.

We have lost our way

Clearly humanity has lost its way. We are, by and large, disconnected from these important relationships and sources of wisdom. We are no longer referencing the ground of consciousness from which all has emerged in our creative pursuits. The rise of the rational conscious mind as authority has displaced our nature family, and creative consciousness beyond us, as a source of wisdom and guidance. In short, we have forgotten about our roles as co-creators with the universe and Mother Earth or how to go about doing that. Instead, we are invested in individual power and creative ability with competition between people, business, organisations and countries to dominate and have power over for the benefit of the select few rather than power with for the wellbeing of all.

We all have indigenous origins

Yet all of us have indigenous origins and our ancestors knew how to be in co-creative relationships. Why did we not continue to grow and evolve in our ability as co-creators with Mother Earth and the universe? Instead we have largely lost this knowledge, wisdom and ability to communicate with Mother Earth and our nature family? What happened that resulted in our separation from the consciousness that brought us into being and our forgetting? How did we come to believe we were supreme and Mother Earth and nature were at our disposal for us to exploit for our power and comfort without consequence?

These questions will be addressed in the next blog post. We will examine our ancestral journey and the influences that have led to our forgetting, the rational conscious mind displacing creative beings beyond our level of existence as authority and why we need to find our way back to connection, wisdom and our ability for co-creation.