Crazy Hippy Bus

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We have come to refer to our journey with The Nature Code in this way as we never know where it is going or what will happen next.

Working with self-organising and transformational process in TNC project has challenged us to continually release mechanistic thinking, structures and the need to be in control. Each time we do this TNC shifts and morphs with changes in thinking and direction. At times it has seemed to disappear down a rabbit hole only to resurface somewhere else looking completely different. Not just new clothes but fundamentally different. It certainly has been an interesting adventure and the ‘Crazy Hippy Bus’ is in great shape and not so crazy after all.

Our aim has been to go with the flow of the project and allow it to inform us where it wants to go rather than push it in a preconceived direction.We strive to embrace values and process structures that enable us to respond to the evolution of the project with flexibility and adaptability. The use of Transformational Circle for meetings, visioning and planning has made all of this possible. More than anything we have learnt we are responding to consciousness of the project arising from interactivity of all those involved, including program participants and the growing community.

Forgetting and stress

In our times of forgetting and over investment in our own ideas and attempting to push TNC in a direction we wanted it to go increasing effort and stress would alert us. At these times we would release and disengage from the project, and each other, to allow for personal processing and growth so we could once again find flow. When we  came back together in circle, invariably we had all arrived at a similar place of understanding and vision.

A feature of TNC has been constant project shape shifting and reorganisation as one transformation followed another. We have come to terms with a changing morphing dynamical project that exists in and responds to a changing dynamical landscape. We never know where it will go next and becoming comfortable with not knowing has been important for the new and unexpected to appear. Impermanence has been a great teacher and allowed for rapid evolution of ideas and understanding.

Unexpected sudden change

Usually a significant transformation of the project has been preceded by many small changes followed a period of confusion and uncertainty. It has been tempting to retreat to old structures in these times of uncertainty however we have held the space for change. At the moment, for example, we are in another transition period and are allowing TNC to flex, adapt and evolve as we follow where the project is pulled in its responsiveness to participants and community need. A restructure of the website to reflect this is being planned and will soon be in place.

Value of Community and activity

The biggest influence has been the emergence of a self-organising community and feedback from those who have participated in Transformational Circle Training. The most common reports are of the value of safety in relationship, the freedom of expression and the transformation of world view and increased awareness that participants take with them into the future. Another powerful influence has been hosting Harley Eagle in Midland, Western Australia, for public talks on decolonisation. It has powerfully reinforced our view that we must move on from the dominant ‘power and control’ mindset if we are to have a sustainable and more just future. Transformational Circle is a very peaceful and powerful way of liberating mind so as to embrace the new consciousness and world view required.

Leading to change and a new website

When the new website is live in the near future you will see the following among other changes:

  • A focus on providing training and a separation of Transformational Circle Training events separated out from other events. Training will have its own page on the website.
  • The remaining events will be structured according to events hosted locally by The Nature Code such as Harley Eagles visit, public talks and seminars we will be providing. There will also be a section for promotion of events being held by community members within their own right based on their use of Transformational Circle, and another for aligned events being held international. There are many people we collaborate with in our growing network who are on the leading edge of transformational change in America and Europe. We feel it is important to bring these events to the attention of our international readership.
  • The ‘Our Story’ page will be replace with an about page that gives a simple description of why The Nature Code exists, what the objectives are, and how we are going about doing that via self-organising and transformational processes.
  • A community page will be provided that requires community members to log in for access. This is for those who have completed Transformational Circle Training and would like to be involved in peer support and a live community. It will most likely provide access to resources and a forum. We will soon be having a community circle to see what people would like from it and we will respond accordingly. It may be that it ends up very different to what we are thinking at the moment. We will utilise the processes we are working with in the structure and this means it will be subject to regular change and evolution.

Kelly and myself are clear The Nature Code must serve members and those who wish to contribute to change for a better future. The future is unknown but we are used to that and we never know what new wonder or learning awaits us and those involved in this project.

Peace and Love

John Thompson