Decolonisation and peacemaking with Harley Eagle.

It was wonderful to have Harley Eagle visit us in Perth in late January. His talks on decolonisation, cultural integrity, healing of intergenerational trauma, restorative justice and peacemaking were informative and deeply moving.

Harley’s talks created a bridge between the past and the present, and between Aboriginal and non-aboriginal people. His information brought a greater understanding of the colonist mindset and why racism exists in our world. Each one of us was invited into a deeply personal exploration of decolonisation as well as a collective healing journey. A list of additional resources and some highlights are provided below.

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Caroline Harry

Nicely summarised, Kelly! After Harley’s talk, I found an interesting program talking about Oxytocin and felt it had real relevance to the points he made around parenting (that is not overly controlling and protective) and the skill of comforting children to help them to develop coping skills. The use of alcohol/drugs may be sought for comfort that was missing in childhood due to being taken away from parents, or the stolen generation not learning the skills at their parent’s knees. Check out:

Kelly Fulker

Thanks Caroline, this is great. There was so much in Harley’s information its wonderful to see how it is percolating for different people. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I look forward to the ongoing exploration of this and the other resources Harley and Sue have provided.

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The knowledge and the wisdom of our indigenous ancestors is not exclusive. It is freely available and accessible within each and everyone of us. After all, the modern world has emerged from nature based civilizations that were deeply connected to a natural environment, with profound understanding of natural law and process. No matter who we are we have a direct ancestral linage to this wisdom and mother earth connection. The new sciences reveal this pathway and provide additional information.

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