Crazy Hippy Bus

We have come to refer to our journey with The Nature Code in this way as we never know where it is going or what will happen next.

Working with self-organising and transformational process in TNC project has challenged us to continually release mechanistic thinking, structures and the need to be in control. Each time we do this TNC shifts and morphs with changes in thinking and direction. At times it has seemed to disappear down a rabbit hole only to resurface somewhere else looking completely different. Not just new clothes but fundamentally different. It certainly has been an interesting adventure and the ‘Crazy Hippy Bus’ is in great shape and not so crazy after all.

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The Problem with Leadership

Control Over

The problem with hierarchical “control over” leadership is that it perpetuates crisis. It has its place when there actually is a crisis and fast sound decision making is needed with a recognized chain of command that involves confidentiality, but beyond that it is exploitative. For example, we have seen strong leaders emerge during times of war. When these ‘control over’ structures that are effective in war however, are maintained beyond the crisis they attract people who are interested in positions of power for influence over others and fulfillment of personal greed based agenda.

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