New Mexico and New Consciousness


Why travel to New Mexico from Perth for two and a half weeks? There are a bunch of reasons but mostly because I will go where I feel called to be for learning and growth. I begin my latest journey mid March.

There has been a lot of work in the US with circle in all sorts of settings, and there are some very good and experienced process trainers there. Many are utilizing it to contribute to change in their own way and one of these, a respected friend and associate on the leading edge of transformational training in the US, is holding a residential immersive toward the end of March. The purpose is to bring together those who are active in change and understand process to explore new consciousness. This refers to an emerging understanding of a way forward beyond conventional awareness and thinking. Many people are aware of it and once accessed a great deal of accumulative information and wisdom is available to guide us toward a better future.

New consciousness

I am looking forward to this event as it is this consciousness that pulls The Nature Code forward in its evolution. This is something I first became aware of in the 1980’s during an extended nature immersion experience and it has guided my activities ever since. The opportunity to hear from others working with similar processes in their own way, and join with them in exploration is not to be missed. In events such as this the challenge is to stay in process and allow gathered energy to do its thing without interfering or exercising control. At times it is intense but you soon learn to not dissipate it via unnecessary talk or actions and hold the space. The energy of the new consciousness drives transformational change and any associated turbulence soon passes. After this comes increased awareness, insight, wisdom access and much more.

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Crazy Hippy Bus

We have come to refer to our journey with The Nature Code in this way as we never know where it is going or what will happen next.

Working with self-organising and transformational process in TNC project has challenged us to continually release mechanistic thinking, structures and the need to be in control. Each time we do this TNC shifts and morphs with changes in thinking and direction. At times it has seemed to disappear down a rabbit hole only to resurface somewhere else looking completely different. Not just new clothes but fundamentally different. It certainly has been an interesting adventure and the ‘Crazy Hippy Bus’ is in great shape and not so crazy after all.

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The Problem with Leadership

Control Over

The problem with hierarchical “control over” leadership is that it perpetuates crisis. It has its place when there actually is a crisis and fast sound decision making is needed with a recognized chain of command that involves confidentiality, but beyond that it is exploitative. For example, we have seen strong leaders emerge during times of war. When these ‘control over’ structures that are effective in war however, are maintained beyond the crisis they attract people who are interested in positions of power for influence over others and fulfillment of personal greed based agenda.

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Creative Mother Earth

Creative Mother Earth

Self-organising and transformational processes are at the heart of evolution and of earth coming into existence as a creative living system with consciousness. Mother Earth has since brought an incredible diversity of life forms into being of which we are one. Humans have mobility and dexterity, an ability to manipulate their environment, and a creative capacity beyond that of any other life form on planet earth.

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Beyond Industrialised Mind

To move beyond an ‘industrialised mind’, we need to look outside of the thinking that has created the problems. As the dominant worldview, the industrialised mindset has resulted in the destabilisation of systems and a rush toward the cliff edge of sustainability.

The new sciences that explore systems have revealed a more expansive and inclusive world view that offers solution and transformational outcomes. In this blog I provide an introduction to systems, the related concepts, and what this offers for a better future. I also highlight the incredible importance of indigenous and ancient wisdom for sustainability and transformation.

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Unite Conscious and Unconscious Mind

We have a conscious mind and an unconscious mind. Amazingly, it is the unconscious mind where most of our information processing happens – 500million bits/second verses 500bits/second of the conscious mind! However, in todays world, the conscious mind has been conditioned and information exchange between the conscious and unconscious mind is often constrained. The good news is we can release these constraints and unite our conscious and unconscious minds for greater access to emotional healing, wisdom and intuition.

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Creation Story

Stories are powerful. We all have personal creation stories within that determine our reality and experience in the world. These stories come from our history and often run unconsciously throughout our lives. If we don’t realise this, we will keep creating the same experiences in our lives over and over again. By being aware of the creation stories within us, we can interrupt the old stories and create new ones using the power of our imagination. Change your story, change your reality.

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Release not control

We have a transformational blueprint within us. The new sciences tell us our mind, body, emotions and spirit is a self organising system that is self correcting and which has a natural ability for healing, growth and transformation. John talks about the work of The Nature Code which is to help people to free up the natural processes within them by connecting with nature, self, others for healing, growth and transformation.

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Industrialised Mind: Opt out of the Game

Whether we like it or not, we have been born into an industrialised world. Over many generations this has had a profound effect on our minds, environment and society. Below I discuss how this worldview has conditioned our minds, shaped our identity and separated us from consciousness that is essential for natural evolution and transformation, and what we can do about that.

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Vicki Bowden

Thanks John
A very interesting article and I am coming more aware of this divide between the ‘scientific/rational’ view of the world and it’s dominance which is leading to self destruction.
I’ll stay tuned.

John Thompson

Glad you enjoyed it Vicki. I will soon be posting a blog called “Beyond Industrialised Mind”. For the first few posts I will be outlining a conceptual framework for a process world view. Then I will be able to write more specific and shorter blogs about how this relates to our lived life. Any questions or comments along the way are welcome.

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John explains how our identity, personality and ego are conditioned by a modern, industrialised world. Using the urban landscape as a metaphor, he talks about how our deep, unconscious ‘natural’ mind can be constrained by the conditioning of a mechanistic and industrialised world. When we free our natural mind from this conditioning by connecting with nature, it frees up the natural processes within us to initiate a transformation of self and exploration of our full potential.


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