Nature Connection: It is all about how we show up.

The first of a series of discussions on nature connection, how to achieve it and the benefits.

Showing up the right way in nature is essential if you want to connect with mother earth and your nature family. What does ‘showing up the right way’ mean and how can we do that?

When we enter nature we are being perceived by nature and it is a two way interactive experience. Mother earth and all living things have consciousness and can be communicated with. Plants, for example, have at least 20 senses (compared to our five) and are capable of solving problems and learning from past experience. They will even respond to the colored shirt you are wearing. If we do not have this understanding we are in a one way relationship and we cannot make full connection.

Mother earth has brought forward everything we know including the bodies we inhabit as spiritual beings. Yes or bodies come from the earth and return to the earth. Through our bodies we get to have a sensory experience of the rest of mother earth’s creation and explore our creative ability. When I think about this I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity and humbled by it.

Just like or human relationships it is important we show up with respect and an open mind free of preconceived ideas and beliefs. Here are some preparation strategies for you to use next time you wish to connect with mother earth or nature. These are not hard and fast rules and the order is not critical as it is an individual thing. However, you can start with these, or just one of them, and as your relationship builds you can modify them accordingly.

You will notice that after each one I have suggested that you pause for silence and stillness before you move on to the next. This is important and don’t be impatient. If you are going to have a relationship you must provide opportunity for mother earth and nature to communicate with you. That is, take the time to listen just like you would to another person you wanted to get to know. Do not expect to hear a voice as the language of nature is a felt language. If you are energy sensitive you will feel this and understanding will come into your awareness. Don’t try to make this happen and do not be disappointed if it does not initially. If you continue exploration in this way your energy sensitivity will increase and it will come in its own time.

  • On arrival acknowledge mother earth and nature as being conscious, introduce yourself by name, give thanks for the body you have been given, that mother earth provides for its needs and health and the opportunities provided via this incredible gift. Pause awhile and be silent.
  • Share anything you wish to about yourself that you feel is important by way of introduction. This is your first conversation and it can be silent in your mind or out loud. Then be still and silent for a couple of minutes and aware of your feet on the ground.
  • Acknowledge traditional landowners, Indigenous ancestors who have walked this country for many thousands of years before you; and the spirits of the land, plants and animals. Pause for stillness and silence.
  • Ask permission to enter and walk across this part of the country. Pause for stillness and silence
    State or reaffirm your positive intent in life that is aligned with mother earth and nature. For example: ‘I affirm that I wish to make a contribution to a sustainable future’, or ‘I affirm that I wish to be a better father/mother to my children’, or ‘I affirm that I wish to provide appropriate leadership for a better future for all’, or ‘I affirm that I recognise mother earth and nature as living conscious beings and wish to explore these relationships, etc. It does not matter what it is as long as it also serves mother earth and nature as well as you. Pause for stillness and silence.
  • Sate in what way you are showing up and why you have come. For example it could be something like “I come with an open heart and mind and seek healing”, or “I seek wisdom and guidance for ……….. (Whatever it is that you want to resolve)”, etc. The important thing is to understand this statement is specific to something that you need to accomplish to fulfill your positive life intent. Pause and be still and silent.

Then simply begin walking, stay out of your intellect, be heart centered, and begin your exploration of relationship with mother earth and nature.

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In future posts I will explore nature connection topics such as optimising connection, the language of nature, healing, wisdom access, calling forward what you need, the processing power of mother earth and spiritual growth.

Peace and Love

John Thompson