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The knowledge and the wisdom of our indigenous ancestors is not exclusive. It is freely available and accessible within each and everyone of us. After all, the modern world has emerged from nature based civilizations that were deeply connected to a natural environment, with profound understanding of natural law and process. No matter who we are we have a direct ancestral linage to this wisdom and mother earth connection. The new sciences reveal this pathway and provide additional information.

Our separation form the consciousness that holds this knowledge and wisdom is due to the rise of the rational mind and mechanistic science. The central thesis of mechanistic science is ‘Command and Control’ and we only need look around us to see how well that is going. Mother earth and our nature family have been exploited, trivialized, and disrespected; as have the indigenous cultures that have carried this knowledge and wisdom across the ages.  All of the global systems, (including man made such as political, economic, etc)  are becoming increasingly unstable, and the future more uncertain. The thinking that has created this crisis is unable to solve it and there are no individual leaders who can enact the solution.

However there is increasing recognition of a way forward that comes from the integration of the findings of new transformational science with ancient wisdom. When viewed through the lens of transformational wisdom it is evident that we are on a powerful collective journey, and within current instability and uncertainty is tremendous transformational opportunity. Perhaps the most important thing The Nature Code offers is a process framework and understanding that enables us to step out of the limitations of the mechanical mind, begin to make sense of what is going on, reconnect with transformational wisdom, and find direction for collective action. We all carry part of the solution and via coming together in ‘right relationship’ the way forward soon emerges. Right relationship is based upon natural processes The Nature Code points toward, and includes our nature family, mother earth, and each other.

The Nature Code provides a learning and transformational pathway via live events that are based on the processes we are working with such that it is a living and evolving learning system. This blog is an important component as it provides an opportunity for participation beyond live events.  Sharing information and joining with others in conversation is central to The Nature Code, as we understand it is essential for viable solutions and transformational outcomes. We do not exercise ownership over any of the information we provide in this blog or the events we hold. This means:

We encourage you to use the information within The Nature Code blog freely. Work with it and unleash your transformational creativity. When appropriate simply acknowledge TNC as the source with a backlink to this website.

  • Please share with us your experience, any further development of the information, or if you take it in a particular direction.
  • If you have additional information, insights, or feedback please reply in the comments, or contact us directly.
  • If you feel inspired to write a post as a guest blogger please let us know.
  • If you like this information please pass the website link on to others


Future blog posts will will cover all aspects of transformational knowledge and utilization of process for a sustainable and just future. Commentary will include the human condition, spiritual, wisdom access, the science, organisations, business, social change, governance, agriculture, and more.

As information and wisdom emerges from the transformational learning system via events it will be reported here.

In Peace

John Thompson