A Peaceful Way for a Better Future

A new story for our age is emerging around the world from the integration of new scientific information with traditional wisdom. This is a Wisdom Story about humanities journey over thousands of years, an evolution of consciousness that is now underway, and visible solutions for a better future. The Nature Code provides opportunity to explore, learn, and contribute to the change that is happening. Read about this work in 'The Story' and 'The Process' pages.

Experiential Learning & Training

For Co-Creative Solution

If we are to find innovative and co-creative solutions for a better future we must move beyond the thinking that cannot solve the problems it has created. For those who prefer experiential learning and want to contribute to transformational change, the events in this section are direct pathways to Interconnected Mind and process thinking.
From Interconnected Mind a world view naturally merges in which the illusion of separation dissolves, we have more in common than difference, communication with each other and the natural world is clearer, and co-creation pathways for a better future are visible.

"What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand." - Confucius

What people are saying

John’s wisdom, his commitment to the transformational process and his deep connection to spirit provides a safe environment in which groups can be open to true connection with each other, with spirit and importantly, to themselves. He is a dreamer of a new way, and in his programs, he shares his gift of that new way, which inevitably kickstarts a transformation process, whether at the micro or macro level – or anywhere in between. Personally experiencing this process completely changed how I approach everything in life, both personally and professionally.

Christine Tripoli, New York, Looking Glass Events Group, www.lgeventsgroup.com

What unfolded over the 3 days was absolutely profound and life-changing. We learnt by 'doing' 'being' 'observing' and 'trusting' in the process. John held space so perfectly, allowing each participant to have profound shifts in their own timing by working through their own divine processes.

Karla, Environmental Scientist

Thank you for a profound weekend. I loved the process, the group of amazing people and the way you held the space in such gentle wisdom. I felt so safe and I truly resonate with a process that gives everyone space to speak and be heard. It was a really powerful healing experience. I loved everything about it.

Daryl, Meditation Teacher

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